At mode40 we take pride in the relationships we have built with our trusted network of partners, allowing us to provide our customers with top-tier technology solutions and unparalleled service.


Ignition by Inductive Automation

As the #44 ranked integrator in the world, mode40’s Gold Certified ranking is a testament to our proficiency and dedication to delivering unmatched solutions. Trusted by industry leaders worldwide and manufacturers within the Fortune 2000 space, mode40 is committed to driving tangible results and accelerating time to value for your manufacturing operations.

Our team bring with them a deep understanding of every facet of this software and can confidently support any implementation or migration of Ignition! Additionally, they have the expertise and knowledge to unleash the power of Ignition! dashboards, visualization, porting, notifications, data aggregation and historizing.


HiveMQ Logo

HiveMQ is one of the world’s leading companies within the IoT sector for connecting machines, devices, and applications. The HiveMQ MQTT Broker is based on the IoT standard communication protocol MQTT and enables absolutely secure and always highly available data transfer between connected devices and the cloud. Over 130 customers, including many Fortune 500 companies, rely on HiveMQ in production for business-critical use cases such as connected cars, logistics, Industry 4.0, and connected IoT products.



SYRV transcends the traditional boundaries of AI solutions by forging a dynamic partnership that not only ensures the seamless integration of AI into your business operations but also leverages it as a driving force towards achieving your distinct goals. SYRV’s core mission is to demystify AI, transforming it into a precise, potent instrument designed to address your unique challenges—whether that’s elevating customer experiences, streamlining operations, sparking innovation, or improving decision-making processes.


SafetyChain is the #1 plant management platform purpose-built to improve yield, maximize productivity, and ensure compliance standards for process manufacturers.

SafetyChain provides a complete solution to capture, manage, and analyze critical operations and continuous improvement data from anywhere, at any time, on any device. With real-time dashboards and reporting, SafetyChain can drive enterprise-wide continuous improvement and enable better, faster decision-making.

Along with these critical benefits, mode40 can work with you to add additional value by integrating hardware that complements SafetyChain’s OEE analytics packages.


Arrowsight is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in video AI solutions. As the exclusive Canadian distributor of this fast-expanding platform, we take great pride in bringing this unique AI solution to Canadian businesses.

Arrowsight provides you with the tools you need to improve performance and maintain safety. It has trained AI algorithms using deep learning to continually improve and expand their services, delivering to a global network of customers in industries including healthcare, agribusiness, construction, and insurance.


Hatch Product Development was founded in 2021 by ex-aerospace and consumer product engineers who wanted to turn the product design industry on its head.

They are comprised of a multidisciplinary team who have the business acumen, industry network, and combined engineering experience to produce products for a wide variety of highly-regulated industries in accelerated timelines.

Dream. Develop. Hatch.