About mode40

Cameron Bergen and Matt Kehler founded mode40 with a simple mission, to make an impact.

After years working in business technology and industrial operations, they were seeing too many complex problems going unsolved in the agriculture and food supply chain sectors. Growing up in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Cameron and Matt developed a passion for farming and agriculture and a keen awareness of the unique challenges producers were facing on a daily basis. After seeing innovative solutions used to revolutionize other areas of industry, they wondered, why couldn’t they leverage those technologies and expertise to transform agriculture as well?

Driven by their knowledge and experience, Cameron and Matt established mode40 to provide groundbreaking solutions that would make an impact on this growing area of need. They set to building a team of self-starters who brought specialized expertise along with a common passion for seeking change and taking the road less traveled. The creation of this team marked an important milestone for mode40. It ignited a culture where everyone is encouraged to share their passion whether it is for new ideas, technology, work-life balance… even their favourite grilling recipes.

It is through this unique culture we have become an incubator for ideas that at one time may have been unthinkable – but that is where we thrive, coming up with solutions where none existed before. Understanding your challenges is our motivating force, no matter your industry. It is through this understanding that we make the unthinkable thinkable – working with you to solve even your most complex problems and making your technology work for you at every level of your business.

Making an impact fuels everything that we do. We make an impact in the way we interact and deliver results for our customers. We make an impact through our approach to problem solving. We make an impact by developing innovative solutions for the agriculture technology sector. Making an impact is the foundation that mode40 is built on and represents our commitment to delivering results for our customers every single day.